Recommend a Vendor, Supplier or Service

  • Have you found a good cleaning service to maintain your unit?
  • Have you used a good painter or wallpaperer who was dependable and reasonably priced?
  • Did you buy furniture that arrived in good condition and was delivered on time?
  • Do you have a good doctor, dentist or other medical specialist?

If so, and you are willing to share this information, please send an email with as many details as possible. You must include your name (unit number is optional).

Individuals and companies on this page are not endorsed or warranted by the Paladin Club XI Condominiums, its Council or management, but are listed solely for the convenience of Paladin XI's owners and residents. Please contact the owner who made a recommendation if you have a question.

Carpet Cleaning
I recommend Lang Carpet Cleaners, (302) 655-1533. (Rosemary Barat, Pleasant Court)
Carpet Stretching (due to improper installation by building)
I recommend the Rug Doctor. (Megan S., Westview Road)

Drywall Repair

I recommend Dennis, Brandywine Repairs & Service, (302) 345-4989.  (Brody Bovero, Park Court)


I recommend Chieffo Electric. (Megan S., Westview Road)


I recommend The Handyman Service Inc.. (302) 750-2490.  (Darryl McEwen, Westview Road)



I recommend Judy Mitchell, ABC Locksmith Service, (302) 529-7136. (Darryl McEwen, Westview Road)

Wallpapering and Painting

I recommend Nick Moldato, Perfect Paint & Paper, (302) 478-6533. (Darryl McEwen, Westview Road)

Window Washing
I recommend TNT Window Cleaning, (302) 326-2411.  Reliable and thorough, they will wash just the outside, or both the inside and outside, on whatever level you live. (Rosemary Barat, Pleasant Court)