FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
I recently switched my phone service from Verizon to Comcast cable.  Now I can no longer buzz in my visitors from inside my unit.  What happened?
The system installed in our buildings works only with a land line, such as Verizon.  However, if you call Comcast and ask for a technician who is familiar with Paladin Club, the system may be able to be reactivated.  Any owners who use a “telezapper” will find that this disables the system as well.


One of my neighbors punched in a code at the front door instead of using his building key.  What’s the story?

Yes, there is a four-digit code (preceded by the “#” symbol) that each building has been assigned to open the door.  You should have received this information in the mail last year or, if you are a new owner, with your settlement papers.  If you don’t know the code, ask one of your neighbors, or call Mastriana Property Management Inc. at (302) 234-4860.  Using the code, rather than your key, means less wear and tear on the door locks, so it is the recommended way of gaining entry to your building.


What are the paint colors used at Paladin? Where is this paint available? 

The exterior paint color formulas are on file at the Glidden (ICI Paints) store, 516 Philadelphia Pike, (302) 762-0555.  The colors are Paladin Red, Paladin Tan, and Paladin Green.  Pettinaro purchased all of the exterior paint from that store and the Glidden store in Newport.  They used Duron for all of the interior paint.  Those colors are Pro Kote Semi-Gloss Shell White (#249711), Builders Masterpiece Flat Shell White (#61917) and Weathershield Semi-Gloss Forest Green (#0397311), to which they add B1Y.  That paint is available at Duron, 1712 Newport Gap Pike, (302) 998-3747.

The dumpsters on Pleasant Court often seem to be full.  Can you increase the frequency of pick-up?

We could, but the additional expense would impact on an already tight budget, and could result in higher monthly condo fees.  A better solution is for more residents to use the trash disposal area at the end of Westview Road, near the 8400 building.  Just remember, whichever area you use, you must place your trash inside the dumpster in order for it to be removed.  Also, throw all trash as far into the dumpster as possible.


Is there a “pooper scooper” law at Paladin Club Condominiums?

As required by New Castle County's Neighborhood Property Standards, all fecal matter from a pet must be promptly picked up, wrapped and disposed of with household garbage.  Report violations by calling (302) 395-5555.


My neighbors have “PCC” stickers on their cars.  Do I need one?  Where do I get one?

No, these stickers are out of print, and the Council is currently looking into an alternative system for identifying residents' vehicles.


May I install a Radon Mitigation System in my unit?

Yes, but you first must notify Mastriana Property Management Inc. and submit plans and specifications of installation for approval by the Council.


Condo Fee Reminders:

  • Based on square footage of unit.
  • Due on the first of the month.
  • Make check payable to Paladin Club XI Condominiums.
  • Mark check clearly with unit number.
  • Mail to Mastriana Property Management Inc., 5500 Skyline Dr., Ste. 6, Wilmington, DE  19808, or drop in their mail slot.
  • $40 late fee imposed if check is not received by 10th of the month.
  • Returned checks will carry a $25 NSF fee and a $40 late fee.