Paladin Club XI Condominium
Due to the Governor's "State of Emergency" declaration,
there will be no Council meeting next month unless advised otherwise.

Paladin Club Condominiums: Some History

In January 2005 real estate developer Pettinaro Company turned over to the owners the final section of Paladin Club Condominiums, Paladin Club XI Condominium.

There are 27 buildings on three streets, in which there are 174 condominium units. All units are flats, six or seven to a building, and range in size from efficiencies to three bedrooms.  In addition, there are about 50 garages in Paladin XI.


The more than 500 units that comprise Paladin Club Condominiums are built on property originally owned by William Sellers, an iron magnate, whose mansion used to be by the tennis courts, and overlooked his Edgemoor Iron Works down by the river.
The units, originally Clifton Park Apartments, rentals built in 1949, were renovated in four phases, and each is managed individually.

 A Council of three volunteer owners meets monthly.  The Council is responsible for hiring a professional property management firm to handle the day-to-day operations of Paladin XI, developing and overseeing an annual budget, and enforcing the rules and regulations which all owners agreed to when purchasing their units.

Paladin Club XI Condominium Council
Deb Trala, President
Carmen Campbell, Vice President
Phyllis Trala, Secretary
Property Management:
Mastriana Property Management Inc. - (302) 234-4860

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